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In an era dominated by screens, eye strain has become a prevalent concern, according to a recent report by Redseer Strategy Consultants people spend an average of 7.3 hours daily on smartphones by Indians alone, . The constant use of digital devices for messaging, social media, streaming, and work contributes to discomfort, fatigue, and potential long-term damage to our eyes. 

While physical exercise is often emphasized for overall well-being, Dr Ajay Sharma, Chief Medical Director of Eye-Q Super Speciality Hospitals shares how the incorporation of yoga for eyes offers a holistic approach to maintaining eye health and preventing strain. 

Here, we present seven yoga exercises designed to rejuvenate your eyes and promote lasting vision suggested by the expert:

Palming Technique

Begin this rejuvenating practice with deep breaths to induce relaxation. The palming technique involves rubbing your palms together until warmth radiates, then gently cupping your warmed palms over closed eyes without applying pressure. This simple yet effective exercise aims to alleviate eye strain by using warmth to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Creating a dark environment enhances its effectiveness.

Eye Rolling

Position yourself comfortably and take a deliberate deep breath before embarking on the eye rolling exercise. Execute slow, clockwise eye rolls for five repetitions, followed by an equivalent number of anti-clockwise rolls. This deliberate movement fosters enhanced flexibility in ocular muscles, encourages improved circulation, and mitigates stiffness caused by prolonged screen exposure.

Focus Shifting

Seated comfortably, extend your arm and hold your thumb at a distance. Focus on your thumb for a few seconds before shifting your gaze to a distant object, alternating between near and distant focal points. This dynamic exercise enhances eye coordination, fortifies ocular movement muscles, and mitigates strain induced by prolonged fixed stares.

Blinking Yoga

A simple yet often overlooked exercise, blinking yoga demands conscious blinking at regular intervals, crucial during prolonged screen engagement. Set a timer for every 20 minutes, dedicating a minute to purposeful blinking. This intentional act helps lubricate the eyes, thwarting dryness and ensuring optimal moisture levels to counteract the adverse effects of infrequent blinking.

Trataka (Concentration) Technique

Trataka, an ancient yogic practice, involves focusing on a flame. Sit at eye level with the flame, maintaining an unwavering gaze without blinking. Shift your focus to the space between your eyebrows when tears surface. This age-old technique enhances concentration, alleviates eye fatigue, and contributes to overall ocular well-being.

Up and Down Eye Movement

Whether seated or standing, ensure a straight spine before embarking on the up and down eye movement exercise. Slowly look upward as far as possible, then downward, repeating this sequence for ten iterations. This deliberate movement imparts a stretch to the eye muscles, fostering strength and flexibility, effectively combating strain resulting from prolonged forward gaze.

Eye Palming with Visualization

Integrate visualization into the palming technique for a holistic experience. After palming, mentally conjure a calming scene or focus on your favorite color. This fusion of palming and visualization not only relaxes the eye muscles but also offers a mental reprieve, reducing overall stress levels and fortifying the mind-eye connection.

Incorporating these simple yet effective yoga exercises into your daily routine can significantly contribute to maintaining good eye health and preventing eye strain. Taking breaks from screens, practicing eye yoga, and being mindful of our eye habits can go a long way in preserving our vision in the digital age. 

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