Viral Video: Man Makes Unique Pasta Bowl, Foodies Are Not Impressed


Are you someone who finishes the garlic bread before the pasta? Well, you are not alone. It is a guilty pleasure for most of us. Now, we have a solution to this. Recently, a video of a unique dish called ‘pasta bowl’ went viral on the internet. It allows you to relish the bread as you eat the pasta, as the bowl is itself made of bread. Isn’t that quite interesting? The video, which was shared by an Instagram food page, claimed that this is the first time that a pasta bowl has been prepared in Delhi. The clip, which is surfacing on the internet, gives a glance at the making of this latest dish in town.
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The process begins with the preparation of the bread dough, which is baked after sticking it on top of a bowl. Once the outer surface of the bread bowl is cooked properly, the chef takes it out and brushes its inside with butter. After putting the bread bowl back in the oven, the next step is to prepare the pasta. To make it, the chef stir-fries the vegetables in butter and adds what seems like tandoori mayonnaise. He then tops it with chilli flakes, oregano, and cheese before pouring it into the bread bowl and serving it with some more cheese garnishing. You can watch the full video here:

Despite being one of the most unique dishes making the rounds on the internet, it failed to impress users. Several users claimed that the recipe is nothing less than a joke of Italian cuisine. A hilarious comment read, “If Italy attacked us, I’d completely understand.” “Italians dying in the corner,” commented a user. A few pointed out the quantity of pasta in that bowl. A user said, “The quantity of pasta is too low.”
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Another commented, “According to the bowl, pasta was very little, and cheese was also very little…no one will order a full plate of pasta with so little pasta.” Some pointed out that no attention was paid to the presentation of the dish, as a comment read, “This is the ugliest food I have seen.” “This is not how to make a pasta video look,” wrote a person.

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