Viral Now: Snow Globe Cocktail Wows Internet – How To Make It At Home


‘Tis the season! With Christmas and New Year less than a month away, people are diving headfirst into the festive spirit. Homes are transforming into winter wonderlands with twinkling lights, colourful ornaments, and cosy decorations. But it’s not just about the decorations; the holiday vibes extend to the kitchen too. Christmas-themed foods and drinks, from gingerbread houses to beautifully decorated sugar cookies, are taking centre stage. Recently, a food content creator has been making waves online with her viral snow globe cocktail recipe, just in time for the holidays.  “The viral snow globe cocktail is totally worth the hype,” the creator said in a video uploaded on Instagram. Making this drink is a breeze with just four simple steps. All you need is a freezer-safe glass, a sprig of rosemary, and your choice of a clear cocktail, sparkling water or any clear mocktail. 

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The creator provided a step-by-step guide to make the drink. “Start by pouring water into the bottom of a glass,” she said. Following that, she directed viewers to take a piece of rosemary, flip it upside down to flatten the bottom, and place it upright in the glass. Next, she advised freezing it until the water solidified to the ice, mentioning that string and tape could also be used to secure the sprig in place. Once the glass is out of the freezer, she suggested filling it with “your favourite clear cocktail like a vodka soda or just do some sparkling water.” And voila, you’ve got the cutest holiday drink! 

Watch the video here: 

The video has received more than 36 million views on Instagram so far. Many people have loved the idea and expressed an interest in trying it. Others are rather unconvinced. Read some of the reactions below. 

One user commented, “This is so classic! I used to sugar mine first so it looked frosted,” while someone suggested adding “coconut shavings to the glass to make it look like snow.” A third user chimed in asking to “pop a cranberry or two in! It’s adorable.”

While the drink may look cute, several issued warnings, with one saying, “I made these last year and what they don’t tell you is eventually the ice detaches from the bottom and rosemary pokes you in the eye.” Another user commented, “This was great for 5 minutes…then ice starts to melt and floats to the top. The tree goes up your nose when you try to drink. Not so cute then.” Someone else jokingly added, “Til I’m on my fifth one and choke on the little tree.”

Some were worried that the glass might break when frozen. However, the content creator has advised them to ensure they use freezer-safe glasses filled with room temperature or chilled water to combat this problem. 

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