Trump deals major blow as Biden retakes lead over ex-US Prez in two new polls


According to newly released US-wide polls, US President Joe Biden has a slight lead over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in the potential 2024 race to the White House.

Former president Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden(AFP)
Former president Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden(AFP)

The surveys conducted by pollsters Ipsos and YouGov gave Biden a lead of between one and two percentage points. However, several polls have suggested that Trump has an upper hand over Biden if it comes to getting re-elected due to his powerful performance in key swing states.

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When it is about only these two competitors, according to an Ipsos survey of 3,815 registered voters conducted by Reuters between January 3 and 9, Biden was the favored choice of 40% of voters, compared to 38% for Trump, Newsweek reported.

Similarly, Biden received 44% of the vote against 43% for Trump in a YouGov survey, which was conducted for The Economist between January 14 and January 16 with the participation of 1,472 registered voters.

Trump on Monday set a new record for victory margins in the Iowa Republican caucus by defeating his closest challengers by roughly 30 points.

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley trailed closely behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. After finishing fourth, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy ended his presidential campaign and endorsed Trump.

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Is 80-year-old Biden more popular among younger voters?

Notably, the poll revealed that Biden had a significantly higher approval rating among younger people, dominating the 18–29 age group by 56 percent to 29 percent.

Trump had a 51 percent to 40 percent advantage among voters aged 65 or plus.

Biden led by a significant margin (46 percent to 38 percent) amongst female voters, while Trump led by six points amongst male voters.

In terms of 2024 race, Trump beat Biden by 50% to 39% with white voters, while the incumbent president prevailed by 57% versus 18% and 50% versus 31% with Black and Hispanic voters, respectively.

Biden calls Trump a ‘clear’ Republican frontrunner after landslide Iowa win

Biden on Monday acknowledged that Trump was the “clear front runner” to be the Republican candidate in the presidential elections after his landslide victory in Iowa. He also urged his supporters to donate to his campaign in the wake of Trump’s win.

“Looks like Donald Trump just won Iowa. He’s the clear front runner on the other side at this point,” Biden wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

He termed the 2024 White House race as “you and me” versus the “extreme Maga Republicans”.

“But here’s the thing: this election was always going to be you and me vs. extreme MAGA Republicans. It was true yesterday and it’ll be true tomorrow,” POTUS added, attaching a link to a fundraising page.

With this Iowa victory, Trump solidifies his hold on the Grand Old Party and establishes favorable circumstances for a potential rematch with Biden.

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