This Patra Dhokla Fusion Is “Made For Each Other,” Declare Foodies


The world boasts a myriad of snacks, each reflecting the cultural richness of its region. However, when it comes to diversity, Indian snacks stand out with a vast array of flavours and textures. One such exemplary option is the Patra Dhokla, a delightful fusion of culinary elements. Crafted from colocasia leaves and the airy softness of dhokla, this desi treat offers a unique blend of earthy and tangy notes. A chef recently shared a video on Instagram showcasing her preparation of Patra Dhoklas. According to her, it is a “2-in-1 Indian snack experience like no other.” If you appreciate the flavours of Indian cuisine, this snack is your new BFF.
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The airy and fluffy component, known as khaman/dhokla, is crafted from gram flour that undergoes a soaking process and is then aerated to achieve a delightful sponginess. The top layer comprises a mosaic of Patra, a snack featuring colocasia leaves (also known as elephant ears), coated in a tangy batter spiked with tamarind. “Roll them up and steam until they’re bouncy,” the chef wrote in the caption. She humorously describes bringing the elements together as if creating an “upside-down cake,” and the steaming process continues until the components appear to be stuck together. 

The finishing touch involves a tempering of mustard seeds, sesame, curry leaves, asafoetida, and chillies. 

Watch the process here: 

People have appreciated the Patra Dhokla recipe. Some have praised the chef’s creative take on this traditional Indian snack. 

A user wrote, “Unreal! My mouth is watering.” 

A person said, “It’s like they were made for each other!”

Some aptly likened the fusion of flavours in Patra Dhokla to the iconic love story of Layla and Majnu.

“Genius” was the sentiment on social media. 

“Love a good 2-in-1 dessert! Need to try it,” a comment read.

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