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Spain’s Queen Letizia had an affair during the early years of her marriage to King Felipe, reports claimed citing Jaime del Burgo, a longtime friend of the queen who went on to marry her sister. He alleged that he was in a romantic relationship with Queen Letizia, before she was married in 2004 and later after her wedding.

Spain's King Felipe and Queen Letizia visit the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.(Reuters)
Spain’s King Felipe and Queen Letizia visit the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.(Reuters)

Jaime Del Burgo shared an image of Letizia on social media in which she is visibly pregnant saying that the Queen sent him the photo while they were conducting the affair along with the message, “Love. I am wearing your pashmina. It is like feeling you by my side. It looks after me. Protects me. I am counting the hours until we see each other again, love you, get out of here. Yours.”

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King Felipe and Queen Letizia’s daughters were born in 2005 and 2007.

In a book written by royal reporter Jaime Peñafiel, Jaime del Burgo claimed Queen Letizia told him that she loved him as they lay in hammocks by the pool at the royal residence. This prompted him to write an unpublished play in English with the title ‘The Hammock’, he said.

Owing to the affair, Spain’s CNI secret service placed him under surveillance for five years and even broke into his home in Switzerland, Jaime Del Burgo said. “The alleged operation did not achieve its presumed objectives as he had placed photographs, videos, mobile phones, text messages with the Queen in a bank vault.”

The Queen begged him to “never leave her” the night before she was married, he said. He went on to marry the queen’s sister, Telma Ortiz, in 2012. The couple divorced two years later.

This comes as King Felipe and Queen Letizia appeared to be consolidating their reign after a series of scandals involving former King Juan Carlos. A recent poll published by the digital newspaper El Diario showed that 45 per cent of Spaniards support a republic, while 43.5 back the current system of monarchy.

In October, Princess Leonor, the royal couple’s eldest daughter, swore her allegiance to Spain’s Constitution. Juan Carlos, who abdicated in favour of King Felipe in 2014, was excluded from ceremony.

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