Ratan Tata flags fake interview video suggesting investment recommendations


Former Tata Group Chairman Ratan Tata on Wednesday flagged a “fake video”
on social media which purportedly showed him as recommending risk-free investment options.

Industrialist Ratan Tata.(PTI)
Industrialist Ratan Tata.(PTI)

In a post on Instagram, Tata called out a post from a user by the name of Sona Agrawal who used a fake interview of him in a video recommending investments.

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In the fake video, Tata could be seen addressing Agrawal as his manager.

“A recommendation from Ratan Tata for everyone in India. This is your chance to exaggerate your investment right today risk-free with 100% guarantee,” the caption of the video post read. “Go to the channel right now.”

The video also showed messages of people receiving money in their bank accounts.

Last month also, Ratan Tata took to X to clarify that he never offered any recommendations to the International Cricket Council (ICC) regarding ‘fines or rewards’ for cricketers. He also denied any ‘connection to cricket whatsoever’.

His statement came in response to widespread WhatsApp forwards and videos falsely claiming that he had pledged a specific sum of money to Afghanistan cricketer Rashid Khan.

“I have made no suggestions to the ICC or any cricket faculty about any cricket member regarding a fine or reward to any players. I have no connection to cricket whatsoever. Please do not believe WhatsApp forwards and videos of such nature unless they come from my official platforms,” tweeted Ratan Tata.

The post was shared on October 30. It has since accumulated over 3.7 lakh views, and the numbers are still increasing. A few even took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

The fake videos come amid concern of the rising use of deepfakes on social media. Deepfake videos are synthetic media created using AI, which generates convincing-looking fake images, videos or audio not usually discernible to someone not trained in spotting them.

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