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The 5th suspect of the major security breach of the Lok Sabha on Wednesday was nabbed from Gurugram while the 6th one is still on the run. Vishal Sharma, the 5th suspect, gave shelter to the four who hatched the plan. Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan D dived inside the Lok Sabha from the visitors’ gallery during the session and sprayed yellow gas. Outside Parliament, Amol Shinde and Neelam Devi were found protesting. The arrest of the four — all unemployed youth with disparate backgrounds — led the police to Vishal whose place all stayed before pulling off the security attack. Another accomplice Lalit is on the run. The security breach — on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack — put the radar on the security system of the new Parliament building as Sagar and Manoranjan D had their passes signed by BJP MP Pratap Simha. The opposition turned the heat on the BJP for the massive breach.

Ruckus inside the Lok Sabha after two men jumped from the visitors' gallery and started spraying yellow gas.
Ruckus inside the Lok Sabha after two men jumped from the visitors’ gallery and started spraying yellow gas.

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Sagar, Manoranjan, Neel, Amol, Vishal, Lalit: Who are the accused?

The six accused are from different states, but they knew each other. Their family members had no idea of what they were doing in Parliament on Wednesday. All of them are unemployed. During the preliminary investigation, Anmol told cops that they were upset over farmers’ protest, the Manipur crisis and unemployment. It is not yet known whether they worked for any organisation or not. Neelam claimed to be a student studying for competitive exams after completing MA, B.ED, M.Ed, M.Phil and clearing NET. Amol is a resident of Maharashtra’s Latur. Manoranjan D is from Mysusu, Pratap Simha’s constituency.

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Home ministry orders inquiry

The ministry of home affairs ordered an enquiry into the security breach. A panel has been set up under Anish Dayal Singh, DG, CRPF, with members from other security agencies and experts.

Parliament security protocols overhauled

Following the major breach, the security protocols of the new Parliament building were overhauled to reduce any contact between the MPs and the visitors. A dedicated place has been set up as the media briefing centre. The Lok Sabha Secretariat released instructions for the MPs on Smart Identity Cards and facial recognition systems.

How Sagar, Manorajan could enter the Lok Sabha

Sagar and Manorajan D entered the Lok Sabha jumping from the visitors’ gallery. They started spraying yellow gas from the canister they hid inside the shoe. They got the pass from Mysuru MP Ptarap Simha. Only MPs can request for visitor passes for which they have to give a declaration that they know the guest personally and take full responsibility for him or her, according to the Lok Sabha handbook for members.

“The above-named visitor is my relation/personal friend/known to me personally and I take full responsibility for her/him” — the mandatory declaration reads.

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