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Indian Study Shows Hilly Areas Linked To High Risk Of Childhood Stunting | Health News

[ad_1] The study, published in BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health, showed that despite various initiatives, childhood stunting, caused by chronic malnutrition, remains a major public health challenge in India, affecting over a third of 5-year-olds. “In recent decades public health interventions in India have effectively tackled previously prevalent nutritional problems, such as Iodine deficiency, which […]

Seeing Clearly At Every Age: Eye Health Tips For Women In Their 20’s 30’s, 40’s | Health News

[ad_1] While many women experience most of their visual acuity in their 20s, this is also a crucial period to start good practices that will protect their eyes over time. Even if eyesight appears great, routine eye exams are necessary because they might identify early indications of disorders like astigmatism, hyperopia, or nearsightedness. In addition, […]

5 Ways Yoga And Stress Reduction Exercises Enhance Hair | Health News

[ad_1] In pursuing healthy hair, we often focus solely on external treatments and products, overlooking the profound impact of our lifestyle choices. As a dermatologist, Dr. Kalyani has observed a significant correlation between stress levels and the condition of one’s skin and hair. In this article, she will elucidate five ways incorporating yoga and stress […]

Summer Woes: How Scorching Heat Can Impact Eye Health – Check Dos And Don’ts | Health News

[ad_1] The summer season has arrived in full force and as mercury soars, it becomes important to safeguard oneself from the scorching sun. And as experts point out, it is not just your skin that requires protection from the sun’s damaging rays, but also your eyes. “In summer, your eyes also demand attention. From the […]

From Haldi To Ajwain: Health Benefits Of 4 Traditional Indian Spices, Nutritionist Shares Wellness Secrets | Health News

[ad_1] The diverse spice combinations used in Indian cuisine are well known for giving each dish a unique flavour profile as well as a host of health advantages that have long been acknowledged by traditional Indian medicine. The taste, aroma, and overall attractiveness of Indian food are greatly influenced by the spices used in it, […]

Health Benefits Of Ashwagandha For Stress Relief And Skin Vitality, Expert Shares | Health News

[ad_1] Keeping your skin healthy and controlling stress can be difficult amid the hectic lifestyle of today. Ashwagandha, an age-old plant, is becoming more well-known for its amazing advantages in these areas. This herbal cure, which has its roots in Ayurvedic medicine, has two benefits for contemporary health regimens: it reduces stress and improves skin […]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Stress, Sedentary Lifestyle And Poor Diet Putting Young Adults At High Risk, Expert Shares | Health News

[ad_1] Young adults with increased stress in their lives, and who live a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise and also eat a poor diet may be at high risk of developing irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), according to health experts on Sunday. IBS is a common disorder that affects the stomach and intestines, leading to abdominal […]

How E-Cigarette Ban Affects Tobacco Use And Public Health? Know All About It | Health News

[ad_1] In a recent submission, Lakshmi Ramamurthy, Hon. Trustee, Centre for Public Policy Research pointed out that India, in its act of imposing a ban on e-cigarettes in 2019, failed to make the distinction between the different classes of products. While in the finance bill of 2021, the government acknowledged the distinction between traditional cigarettes, […]

Research Connects Colourless, Odourless Gas to Increase In Nonsmokers’ Lung Cancer | Health News

[ad_1] Radon gas is colourless and odourless and emitted from the breakdown of radioactive material naturally occurring underground that then seeps through building foundations. The gas can silently linger and accumulate in people’s lungs and homes, and cannot be detected unless tested. Data indicates that about 15-20 per cent of newly diagnosed lung cancers occur […]

Menstrual Hygiene Management And Its Impact On Period Equity And Optimal Vaginal Health | Health News

[ad_1] From ensuring period equity to promoting optimal vaginal health, here are five crucial impacts shared by Vandana Burder, Programme Officer, and Esther Mariaselvam, Associate Director at ActionAid Association of effective menstrual hygiene management. Menstrual hygiene management is not just about managing periods; it’s about promoting equity, health, and empowerment for women and girls worldwide. […]