Nacho-Flavoured Alcohol? Doritos Launches Nacho Cheese Spirit – Internet Reacts


Innovation in the alco-bev industry seems to reach new levels every year. Companies around the world are coming up with not just new flavours and variants of spirits, but new types of alcohol as well. Recently, PepsiCo-owned snack company Doritos launched an alcoholic beverage flavoured with the cheese it uses for its signature tortilla chips. No, you didn’t read that wrong. The idea of this “Nacho Cheese Spirit” has taken the internet by storm, sparking a range of reactions. The limited edition drink will be available for sale online only, except for selected markets in New York and California.

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Doritos has collaborated with Empirical, “an ‘uncategorized’ spirits company” from Denmark that specialises in such custom beverages. As to the creation process, the brands have revealed that “the many flavour layers” of the cheese nachos “are extracted through Empirical’s innovative production process, using real Doritos chips and retaining their essence through vacuum distillation.” The press release states that the drink tastes like “the real thing”. “The spirit opens with umami and tangy aromas of nacho cheese, moving to the deeper, corn-forward flavours of the chip to finish on a soft salty note,” it clarifies further.

In terms of serving suggestions, the brand has mentioned that the Nacho Cheese Spirit can be enjoyed in a Margarita, Bloody Mary, Old Fashioned, neat or over ice, or any other way you like. Social media users have had mixed reactions to the concept. While a few have expressed curiosity or appreciation, others have found the idea too bizarre or simply unappetising.

Read some of the reactions from Instagram users here:

“I’ve never wanted something more.”

“I like you but this seems sketch, but I’ll drink anything so I guess I’ll try.”

“If you’re excited about this, you need help ASAP.”

“Cheesey liquor? Stop it.”

“Mix it with Mountain Dew and turn dewritos into a real drink.”

“No cap… I thought this was cologne based on the bottle.”

“Why would I want to drink nacho cheese?”

Wondering how much this unconventional drink will cost? The suggested retail price of the Empirical x Doritos Nacho Cheese Spirit has been set at $65 for a 750ml bottle.

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