Man completes Boston Marathon in honour of 3 kids killed by wife


A man from the US state of Massachusetts completed the Boston Marathon in memory of his three children who were killed by their mother in January last year. He also raised more than USD 75,000 for the Boston Children’s Hospital where his late kids were treated.

Patrick Clancy’s wife Lindsay is currently facing murder charges after being accused of strangulating their three children — Cora aged five, Dawson three and eight-month-old Callan — to death.

Following the crime, Lindsay, who reportedly suffered from “postpartum psychosis”, slit her wrists and jumped out of a window. She survived the fall but is now paralysed.

According to, Patrick Clancy completed the marathon in three hours, 59 minutes, and 19 seconds. said that this was his first marathon, and he wore his “Happy Callan” bracelet while running.

He had initially set a target of USD 65,000, but the amount increased USD76,735 as of Tuesday afternoon.

On raising the donation for the Boston Children’s Hospital, he said on his fundraising page, “For me, the marathon will always be a small detail in what we set out to accomplish, really a vessel for doing something so much bigger.

“I’m far more proud of the impact this will have on fighting complex childhood diseases, giving families hope, and saving lives. For that, my aching body is a small price to pay,” he said.

Speaking to the Boston-based WCVB-TV channel, Patrick Clancy said, “I love my kids They were wonderful people. They had a lot of friends. Everybody loved them… They had short lives, but they had really good lives.”

He also said that “I forgive my wife and I do. I’ll just leave it at that”.

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Karishma Saurabh Kalita

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Apr 17, 2024

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