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Visitors’ entry to the Lok Sabha has been restricted for the time being on Wednesday after a major security breach took place in the lower house of Parliament. Two men who were at the visitors’ gallery jumped inside the Lok Sabha where the proceeding was being held and created a ruckus. They ran inside the House spraying yellow gas spreading fear on the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack. All the galleries of the Lok Sabha had two security officials present during the proceedings. The Speaker will seek a report on how this breach took place in the presence of security staff.

A major security breach was reported on Wednesday inside the Lok Sabha.
A major security breach was reported on Wednesday inside the Lok Sabha.

Lok Sabha security breach: Here’s what happened so far

1. As the session was going on, two intruders were seen inside the Lok Sabha spraying some yellow gas.

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2. It created commotion as the MPs rushed to catch the intruders. As of now, they are being interrogated.

3. Lok Sabha MP Pratap Simha is believed to have signed one of their entry passes.

4. The intruders apparently raised slogans inside the Lok Sabha — ‘Tanashahi nahi chalegi’.

5. Security personnel found an Aadhaar card with a Lucknow address from one of the intruders.

6. While this happened inside Lok Sabha, outside Parliament two protestors were detained by the local police. They were protesting with coloured smoke. It is not yet known whether they are connected to the intruders.

7. MPs– scared by the suddenness of the massive breach– pointed out the fact that it happened on the anniversary of 2001’s Parliament attack.

8. BJP MP Rajendra Agarwal who was presiding over the chair of Speaker when the breach took place said when the first person jumped, everyone thought he might have fallen. The security and the MPs were alerted when the second person jumped in.

9. Defence minister Rajnath Singh reached the spot immediately, Rajendra Agarwal said.

10. Nobody was injured in the security breach.

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