Katrina Kaifs Foodie Revelations From Her Recent AMA Session Are Too Interesting To Miss


We love it when stars conduct AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions, as we get to discover their opinions on different topics. They also often reveal small aspects of their daily routines or habits. Additionally, they may share their favourites, pet peeves and more. Recently, Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif held an AMA session on her Instagram stories. Many of her followers posed questions regarding her latest release, Merry Christmas. But amidst these queries, two foodie ones stood out. Firstly, an Instagram user asked Katrina her favourite food to cook. Any guesses?

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The star provided a cryptic, if not hilarious answer. In reply to this question, she simply posted a sticker that read “Khayali Pulao”. Take a look at the screengrab below:

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Another fan was curious to know what Katrina liked about being a daughter-in-law in a Punjabi family. She responded, “Dher saara pyaar and ghar ka bana hua sarso da saag aur makki ki roti with white makhan” [“Lots of love and homemade sarson ka saag and makki roti with white butter”]. Now that sounds like the perfect combination of food and emotions, doesn’t it?

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In an earlier AMA session, Katrina revealed three of her favourite foods. They did not include any junk foods or sophisticated dishes. Rather, it seems Katrina prefers simple, homemade delicacies above all others. Find out which three dishes she mentioned here.

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Before this, Mira Kapoor’s recent AMA session contained several foodie revelations. She told her followers which is her favourite Gujarati dish, her thoughts on alcohol consumption, and more. She also explained why breakfast is her favourite part of the day. Check out the full story here.

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