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New Delhi: Google is known for keeping enhancing user experience. In a move to the same, Google Maps is rolling out a new feature in India aimed at helping users save fuel during their journeys. The feature, known as eco-friendly routing, was previously available in the United States, Europe, and Canada and is now being introduced to the Indian market.

What Is Eco-Friendly Routing?

Eco-friendly routing on Google Maps goes beyond conventional navigation capabilities. Now, users will not only receive recommendations for the fastest route but also an option that is the most fuel-efficient. (Also Read: Golden Opportunity To Invest In Gold! SGB Scheme Opens On Dec 18)

This feature uses the type of vehicle engine, providing estimates on fuel or energy efficiency for different routes. (Also Read: APY: Want To Get Rs 5,000 Monthly Pension? You Need To Invest This Much Money Per Month)

How To Use Google Maps’ Eco-Friendly Routing?

To enable eco-friendly routing, users can follow these simple steps on their mobile devices:

– Open the Google Maps application.

– Click on your Profile picture.

– Navigate to Settings > Navigation settings.

– Scroll to ‘Route options.’

– Toggle ‘Prefer fuel-efficient routes’ to turn the feature on or off.

– Choose your engine type by clicking on ‘Engine type’ and selecting the appropriate option.

– For vehicles with internal combustion engines, users can choose between gas (petrol) or diesel.

– Hybrid car owners can select ‘hybrid,’ while electric vehicle owners can opt for ‘electric.’

Considerations For Fuel Efficiency

Google Maps considers various factors for fuel efficiency, including energy consumption patterns in your region, the terrain of your route (such as hills), traffic conditions, and the types of roads.

This new feature allows users to make informed decisions about their routes based not only on speed but also on fuel or energy efficiency.

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