Garlic prices hit ₹400/kg: Why have prices of spice doubled in last few days?


Garlic has become the latest victim of price inflation of basic commodity, with the prices nearly doubling over the last few days. The rates of garlic have hit 400 per kg in some areas, soaring high because of dwindling supplies.

Garlic prices have skyrocketed across the country, reaching <span class=
Garlic prices have skyrocketed across the country, reaching 400 in parts of India.(Unsplash)

Garlic, which is one of the most generously used spices across India, has seen its price double in the span of a few days, now selling for 300 to 400 per kg at some retail markets. The prices are expected to remain high till the end of the year.

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The Economic Times reported that wholesale prices of garlic have also seen a major upward spike, being sold at 130-140 in wholesale markets. Meanwhile, high-quality garlic is being sold at 220-250 per kg in wholesale.

Why have garlic prices doubled?

After onions, garlic was the spice for which price stand doubled in just under a week. The reason behind high prices is the dwindling supply of garlic across the country, since crops were damaged due to extreme weather conditions.

Unseasonal rainfall caused by Cyclone Michaung in parts of India led to a large amount of garlic crops being destroyed. This has caused an extreme shortage of spice in the market, leading to the doubling of prices.

It is expected that prices will continue to rise across the country till the new yield hits the market, which could be by the end of the month. Typically, garlic prices rise in the winter season due to low yield and supply.

The unexpected rise in garlic prices comes after the shortage in supply of onions, with high prices and low supply in wholesale markets. Despite the Centre taking several steps to bring down the prices, the rates remained steady at 300-400 in retail and around 200 in wholesale.

The reason behind the sudden surge in prices of essential fruits and vegetables is the unexpected and extreme weather conditions in parts of India, leading to low crop yield.

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