Delhi Street Food Vendor Selling Special Afghani Chicken Samosas Wins Hearts


It is amazing how we have a variety of cuisines from all around the world. It’s like taking a delicious trip without leaving your kitchen! People from every corner of the world share a love for diverse cuisines. Amidst this vast array of global feasts, a seller from Afghanistan brings a unique offering to the streets of Delhi – Afghani chicken samosas. His confidence in the irresistibility of the food item shines through, and to sweeten the deal, he puts it simply, “Accha nahi, toh paisa na de [If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay].”
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With a sweet smile, the vendor extends warm greetings to all Indians through a video recorded by a food vlogger. He also invites the viewers to taste his special Afghani chicken samosa in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. “Bahut tasty hai, bahut badhiya hai [It’s very tasty, it’s very good],” he proudly claims. 

Priced at Rs 30, he emphasises its uniqueness as a samosa with no oil and a chicken filling. He then expertly cuts one samosa into two pieces, placing them on a plate and adding a drizzle of tandoori sauce, mayonnaise, and some chutney, creating a delicious combination. The video also shows the vlogger relishing every bite.

Watch the video:

The video was posted to Instagram and has received over 7 million views in less than a week. It seems people can’t get enough of the tasty bites and warm smiles in the video!

One user who visited his stall commented under the post, “Was there last month. Spoke to bro in Persian. He was so wholesome. His chicken shawarma is a must-try!!”

Another user wrote, “He is very kind and the taste is really very nice and different.”

Meanwhile, some are expressing appreciation, noting, “He’s more handsome than the average Bollywood actors,” and “Man, these Afghani people are so pretty.”

Someone humorously added, “Why is he selling samosa? He should be dominating Bollywood right now.”
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Thinking of making chicken samosas at home? Check out our recipe here. While they may not be Afghani, they will be delicious for sure!

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