Craving Winter Comfort? 7 Must-Try Winter Street Foods From Across India


Winter season gives us multiple reasons to rejoice. But what reigns supreme is the variety of foods the season brings along. It is, in fact, that time of the year when our cravings for all things indulgent go on an all-time high. And why not? After all, we have so many winter-special delicacies to savour. Taking your love for winter delicacies to the next level, we bring some street food options from across India that every foodie must try. From Kashmiri French fries to Bengali bhaja, the list covers it all. Sounds delicious? So, without further ado, let’s get going.

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Here Are 7 Winter-Special Street Foods From 7 Indian States You Must Try:

1. Nader Monje from Kashmir:

Winter brings along a range of fresh vegetables that grace our food regime during the season. One such popular instance is Kashmiri nader monje. Explore the streets of Kashmir, and you will find street vendors selling it at every nook and corner. It is the regional version of French fries, made with lotus stems (nadru in Kashmiri). To make this dish, you need to wash and cut the lotus stems into slender fries-like shapes and then dip them in a besan-rice flour batter. Next, deep fry and serve with a pinch of salt. The recipe is super simple. You can make it at home too. Find it here.

2. Babru from Himachal Pradesh:

Planning to visit Himachal Pradesh this winter? Then we say, do not miss out on their popular breakfast food babru, available at every street-side eatery. Popular in regions of Mandi, Chamba, and Kangra, it is a distant cousin of North Indian bhatura. You can have both sweet and savoury versions, where the former is stuffed with fresh jaggery syrup and the latter includes soaked urad dal and spices. We also got you the recipe for babru, in case you feel like trying it out at home. Click here for the recipe.

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3. Makhan Malai from Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow):

As the name goes, it is soft, fluffy, and buttery and melts in the mouth instantly. Also known as daulat ki chaat in Delhi, it is a traditional Indian sweet dish, exclusively available during the winter. You will find makhan malai being sold on the streets of Lucknow and Purani Dilli. As per food experts, the process of making the cloudy makhan malai is elaborate and needs patience and expertise. It is traditionally prepared early in the morning, in a traditional hand blender to churn makhan out of the malai, which is then mixed with sugar, elaichi, food color, and pistachio flakes. Try this delicacy for a unique experience. Click here for the recipe for your reference.

4. Doodh-jalebi from Punjab:

For the people of Punjab, doodh-jalebi is as popular as a glass of creamy lassi. While lassi is more of a summer food, winter calls for a glass of milk, boiled for hours with a thick layer of malai on the top. This full-fat creamy milk is served hot and fresh in a tall earthen glass, along with a plate of crispy, fried jalebi to savour. Already slurping? We suggest trying it at home too. Click here for the authentic halwai-style jalebi recipe.

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5. Shakarkandi chaat from Delhi:

Delhi (or as we popularly call it ‘Dilli) and chaat go hand-in-hand. You get a range of delicious chaat across the streets of the national capital, catering to hundreds of people per day. During the winters, we suggest you try the shakarkandi chaat available on ‘thela’ at every nook and corner. Roasted sweet potato, peeled, cubed, and served with salt, lime juice, and spices – the dish defines all this healthy and tasty. You can replicate it at home too. Click here for the recipe.

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6. Phini/Feeni from Rajasthan:

If you thought Rajasthan was all about mirchi vada, kachori, and dal-bati-choorma, then dear reader, you are in for a surprise. It’s the sweet and crispy feeni. It is a portion of hair-like thin vermicelli, fried in ghee and then dipped in saffron-infused sugar syrup. This crispy delight is served with hot milk poured on top for a warm winter snack. You will find it easily at every halwai shop on the streets of Rajasthan. Click here for the homemade feeni recipe. 

7. Phulkopir singara from West Bengal:

To put it simply, it is a Bengali-style samosa made with fresh and delicious cauliflower, available exclusively during the winter. Adding cauliflower to the samosa stuffing makes the dish rich, flavorful, and seasonal to say the least. Pair hot and crispy phulkopir singara with a cup of chai and enjoy a chilly winter evening with your loved ones. Click here for the recipe.

Try these winter-special street foods from across India and make the season an indulgent one. Happy winter, everyone!

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