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New Delhi: Tech giant Apple is reportedly delving into the development of its own 6G network, according to recent insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Job listings for a “Cellular Platform Architect” were found, indicating a focus on designing a 6G reference architecture.

Given Apple’s penchant for in-house developments, such as lightning ports and silicone chipsets, speculation arises about the company’s potential venture into a proprietary 6G network. (Also Read: Delhi: Woman Falls Victim To Online Dating Scam, Loses Rs 6 Lakh To Fake Merchant Navy Officer)

Previously, Apple had been working on its 5G modem to reduce reliance on Qualcomm, but challenges persisted. Despite past disagreements, Apple renewed its lease with Qualcomm in September 2023, ensuring a continued supply of 5G modems until 2026. (Also Read: Spotify To Layoff 1500 Employees, CEO Says ‘Talented And Hard-Working People…’)

Contrary to earlier reports suggesting Apple abandoned its in-house 5G modem endeavors, Gurman suggests a shift in focus toward 6G technology.

The motivation behind this move, as Gurman explains, is Apple’s desire to minimize dependence on Qualcomm for this critical iPhone component, considering the historical feuds between the two companies.

While developing its own 6G modem could offer long-term financial benefits and increased technological control for Apple, Gurman notes the potential for significant failure if the company does not succeed in this ambitious endeavor. However, the 6G technology is not expected to materialize before 2030, allowing Apple time to refine its approach.

In a related context, Apple has recently rolled out a security patch addressing privacy concerns for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. The update addresses vulnerabilities in WebKit, the browser engine powering Safari and other apps, which could potentially allow hackers to inject malicious code, including spyware, into users’ devices.

Apple acknowledges the potential exploitation of these vulnerabilities and urges users to update to iOS 16.7.1, released on October 11, to safeguard against potential security threats.

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