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UK prime minister Rishi Sunak slips to worst ever rating has his government faces Rwanda policy row, according to a survey published by YouGov. The poll found 70 per cent of people have an unfavourable opinion of the premier while 21 per cent have a favourable view. This means that Rishi Sunak’s net favourability rating is at minus 49 – down by 10 points from late November and the lowest score he has recorded since becoming PM in October last year.

Britain's prime minister Rishi Sunak reacts outside 10 Downing Street in London.(Reuters)
Britain’s prime minister Rishi Sunak reacts outside 10 Downing Street in London.(Reuters)

As per the poll, majority of 2019 Tory voters – 56 per cent – said that they had a negative view of Mr Sunak while 40 per cent had a positive view. The score is comparable to Boris Johnson’s during his final months in office but it was still higher than Liz Truss. This comes as Rishi Sunak faces multiple challenges as he tries to restore the image of his Conservative party. Meanwhile, the opposition Labour Party is ahead as per the poll.

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Rishi Sunak’s party faces an internal row that has threatened to scupper the prime minister’s signature policy to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. Tory MP Philip Davies said that the party is “completely united” in its desire to stop illegal immigration, adding, “We are all united in the view that we want to stop illegal immigration, and also that we think that sending them to Rwanda, a third country, is actually the right solution. The Conservative Party in Parliament is united in that belief. Now, obviously, we all have our own particular opinions about whether or not this Bill will be wholly effective or whether it could be improved and all the rest of it. But we’re completely united in that desire to stop illegal immigration and do what it takes.”

UK transport secretary Mark Harper said that Rishi Sunak will “continue listening” to Conservative MPs about possible amendments to his Rwanda Bill.

“All Conservative MPs want to deal with this. We’ll continue listening to colleagues if colleagues have got ideas about how to strengthen the Bill and improve it consistent with international law and with keeping Rwanda onside, who’ve made it clear that they want us to stick with international law,” he said.

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