5 lucky Chinese zodiac signs this week from December 4-10, 2023 | Astrology


This week highlights to us that luck can bring good things, but it’s not the only thing. Working hard and smart is also really important. For Rooster, Rabbit, Rat, Ox, and Goat signs, it’s a good idea to follow this advice for extra benefits. But all other signs need to think about this advice too. Everyone can gain something from it. Let us read why these 5 Chinese zodiac signs will be lucky according to the astrological predictions below.

Let us read why these 5 Chinese zodiac signs will be lucky according to the astrological predictions below.(Freepik)
Let us read why these 5 Chinese zodiac signs will be lucky according to the astrological predictions below.(Freepik)


Your luck this week depends on how you feel inside. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be super happy all the time. But when you strongly wish for something while feeling really emotional, it might actually come true. It’s important to stay calm most of the time, or you might wish for something in anger that you’ll regret later. To make the most of this luck, try a kind of meditation where you think about positive stuff and focus on what you truly want. You could also carry around a blue calcite point, a special stone that can remind you of your real wishes.

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This week, you’ve got some really strong luck on your side! It’s so powerful that nothing and no one can stand in your way… but there’s a catch. You’ve got to make up your mind about what you really want. Once you do that, this amazing luck will help you smash through any obstacles or negative people who try to stop you. But don’t take too long because this special luck might not stick around for another week. To make this luck work even better, try some simple breathing exercises or calming meditation. This can help you focus on exactly what you want and get rid of any thoughts that might stop you from succeeding.


Your luck this week is a bit different. It’s going to give you the strength and determination to close some chapters in your life that you don’t want anymore. This might mean kicking out people or things that are making your life harder. But here’s the thing: you’ve got to be sure about this power and not doubt it. If you hesitate or rush into things too quickly without seeing the whole picture, this luck won’t work as well. This week, it’s good to be more careful about the decisions you make and wait until you’re sure about what to do. Also, wearing or having the colour white around might bring you some good luck.


Sometimes luck can come your way without any warning, and this week, you might get an opportunity like that. It could be something that helps you move forward or get out of a tough situation. But this luck might come with some conditions attached. It’s important to be thankful for this chance and make plans quickly to take advantage of it. Remember, this kind of luck doesn’t last forever, so it’s a good idea to act fast. Lighting a green candle might help you focus on using this luck in the best way possible.


Your luck this week depends on the people you work together with. If you’re working in a team or with others, this luck will affect everyone, but it works through you. That means if you decide to go solo and not be a part of the group, this luck won’t work as well. You’ve got to be part of the team and work together. Also, trust your feelings this week. If your gut says to follow someone else’s lead, go for it. If it tells you something different, follow that feeling instead. You’ll be able to make the most of this luck if you go with the flow instead of going against it.

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